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It's Brazil time! Featuring Thiago Nassif, Ana Frango Elétrico and Sean Khan

They say you are what you think. Think you’re destined to fail and you will. But believe you’re in charge of your own success and you’ll achieve your dreams. Wishful thinking? Maybe not.

Many swear by the power of affirmations to create positive changes in everything from finances and career to relationships and air jordan 11 release calendar
to improved self-confidence . These simple statements flood your brain with nike wmns air max 90 essential silver wing hyper turquoise
. They’re phrased in the present tense and declare what you want to be true about yourself or your life, as if it were already true. Think of it as a mental fake-it-‘til-you-make-it.

Need a little extra self-love to start your day? Scroll through these 19 positive affirmations — and manifest your way to the perfect day.

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With her nike air max 2012 yellow z06
movement, Rebekah Borucki reminds us that life is pretty grand. With this affirmation, the author and meditation guide reminds you not to let fear or expectations hold you back from living authentically.

New York Times best selling author and speaker Gabby Bernstein drops powerful affirmations that will inspire and empower you to manifest your dreams. The spirit junkie’s affirmations shift your thinking (don’t sweat the small stuff) to find miracles in your everyday life.

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When you set your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. What more is there to say?

Fear and adventure go hand-in-hand when you’re following your dreams. It’s why you may feel excinervous (aka excited and nervous at the same time). And no, that’s definitely not a bad thing!

This statement from the IntenSati Method — high-energy workouts that fuse martial arts, yoga, dance and interval training with positive affirmations — confirms what we know is true. When your mind, body and spirit are in sync, it’s your time to shine.

Sometimes you can feel like a slave to your emotions. Don’t. Remember, while you may not be able to control what happens during the day, you can control how you react and how you feel. Choose wisely.

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