HR Business Process as a Services

Let us handle your HR administration, focus on your core competencies

Business are faced with an increasing challenge of competition, corporation must more make innovation while cutting the production cost. Many of them have decided to outsource the administration and routine activities, allowing them to focus on the core business. HR Business Process as a Service helps them reduce their administrative, complex, and routines tasks, streamline their business process and boost productivity. HR BPaaS specializes in providing the effective HR administration outsourcing solution. At first, we will helps you fix the organization structure, job description, and salary structure to make your HR personnel administration meet the HR best practice in your related industry. Then, We will pick up your data and handle all the routine, complex, HR administration tasks. We also ensure compliance to the latest HR regulations about employee and tax.

Payroll Outsourcing +HR Consultant +Contract Management +Personnel Administration

We will manage your HR administration supporting by updated technology of HRIS Cloud, the proven HR Software as a Service (SaaS), with its integrated web-based modules and interactive dashboard that gives you clear visibility into your business process. It will handle more than payroll but also employee database, time management (including leave and working time), reimbursements, claims, and performance appraisal.     


INM-HRBPaaS-webicon1 PRIME


  • Managing all payroll related data, including attendance, overtime, salary changes and more
  • Processing & transferring Take Home Pay (THP)
  • Preparing salary slips (hard/softcopy)
  • Upload from any attendance devices
  • Preparing various payroll reports
  • Provide Bank Transfer File to any banks
  • Overtime and presence calculation
  • Trusted messengers to handle your data with care
  • Enrolling & getting BPJS cards for new employees
  • Reporting to BPJS for resigned employees
  • Producing & submitting monthly BPJS contributions
  • PPh-21 calculation using ‘Netto’, ‘Gross Up’ and ‘Mixed’ methods
  • Producing & submitting PPh-21 monthly reports, as stated in the new regulations
  • Producing & submitting PPh-21 annual form 1721-A1
  • And Many More . . .


INM-HRBPaaS-webicon3 HR BPaas Cloud

Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS equips your employees with an easy access to a wide range of HR services. They can simply login to ESS to apply for leave, view salary slip, update personal details and many more, without any admin help.

Manager Self Service (MSS)

MSS enables your managers to pull data anywhere, anytime for better and faster decisions. MSS offers more flexible approval processes, analytical resources and automated displays, to optimize your performance.


Our dashboard gives decision makers 360⁰ view on workforce demographic, turnover, remuneration and many more. All charts, pivot tables and reports are fully customizable and equipped with drill down capabilities.

Why HR Business Process as a Services?

We pride ourselves on providing a complete outsourced payroll solution that equips your profitable business with a competitive advantage.

INM-HRBPaaS-webicon4 Leave it to the proven solution provider

We understand the challenges that our customers face and have the capabilities to give you the right solution. Outsource your entire HR administration to HR BPaaS and you can benefit from our cutting edge expertise.

Payroll and Time Management

Not just payroll, we also manage your employee overtime, leave, and permit. Including payroll service, we also calculate tax and BPJS (TK and Kesehatan).

Employee and Contract Management

We manage and update employee database, it is routine task but important to make sure you know clearly about your employee. We can remind you about your near expired contract and give alternative for preparation about the next steps.

HR Administration and Consultant

Personnel Administration is the first task that must be accomplished for your HR division before you make your HR be your strategic partner and help you make decision about corporate’s goals and programs.


INM-HRBPaaS-webicon5 HR BPaas Cloud: No more maintenance effort.

We do more than payroll. Introducing HR BPaas Cloud, the next-generation HR Software that revolutionizes HR management by simplifying your workflows, increasing productivity and bringing greater flexibility into your business.
No worry about server and licenses

We will support you with software as a service. You will not worry about buying server and maintenance, you will not buy software. Enjoy using our software as a service and we will take care all of hardware and hardware matter. The software can be accessed via secured and encrypted internet connection.

Easy to understand and customizable display

Visually manage access level and workflows. Standard business rule provide many options to implement standard HR best practices. You can easily access important and basic function from the management display or employee self service function. Interactive display help you understand better to manage your HR function.


INM-HRBPaaS-webicon6 Over 4 Years of Proven Experiences

You will be supported by our expert of HR and Information system consultant that make your software help your business run smoothly beyond your expectation. 

For more than 4 years, we have been trusted by local and multinational companies from various industries to facilitate their HR business processes. We understand the sensitivity of our client’s information and are dedicated to maintain the confidentiality of the data.


We service you with high level security, data encryption, regular back-up, and reliable data center, committed to ensure the safety of your valuable information. Non-disclosure Agreement and our information security procedure make your data secure and safe.

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