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National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements

The Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation is an independent assessment ofwhether collective results achieved in response to an emergency meet the objectives stated in the Strategic Response Plan and the needs of affected people. IAHEs are triggered automatically by the declaration of a Level-3 system-wide emergency and are conducted within 9 to 12 months from the L3 declaration. The Emergency Relief Coordinator may also launch an IAHE of a sudden-onset emergency affecting multiple sectors or at the specific request of a Humanitarian Coordinator/Humanitarian Country Team or other primary stakeholders.

IAHEs address the following core questions:

The Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations follow agreed norms and standards and emphasize independence of the evaluation team, process and methodology, usefulness, and transparency. The Terms of Reference, the final Evaluation Report, and responses to the recommendations by the HCT and IASC Principals are shared publicly and posted on IASC, OCHA and ALNAP’s websites.


For additional information on the IAHEs, please view the nike sportswear air max 90 premium sneakers blackwhite wallpaper


For a comprehensive overview of IAHEs, please view the IAHE Flyer .

Recommendations Database

For additional information on the recommendations and their status, please view the nike new balance 420 women mrjRf41

More than 70,000 people have fled CAR to Chad since the intensification of violence in December; there are 62,000 refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); 28,000 have arrived in recent weeks in Cameroon and 12,000 have sought refuge in the Republic of the Congo. Since December 2013, the exodus from CAR into fragile and food-insecure areas has intensified, creating new strains on local people.

An assessment team consisting of WFP, IOM, ANDMA Afghan-Aid and district has conducted assessment on 08 July-015. 72 houses completely destroyed and 38 houses partially damaged. 50 km irrigation canal damaged and 500 Jerib agriculture land have been damaged.

On 24 February 2016, Makereta Nasiki, 13, sits in her room, showing damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston in the town of Ba on Viti Levu Island of Fiji.

Guinea - Many years of hosting refugees fleeing conflict in neighbouring Liberia and Sierra Leone had a significant impact on communities in the eastern region of Guinea. This UNTFHS funded project implemented by UNIDO (June 2005 – June 2011) contributed to reducing tensions between refugees and host communities by restoring destroyed social infrastructure and rehabilitating the productive capacities of refugees, returnees, and IDP’s.

Palaeopropithecus, an extinct sloth lemur. The DFP’s vast collections provide the primary basis for understanding the origin and evolution of higher primates in Africa and the diversification of lemurs on the island of Madagascar. Photo courtesy of DFP.

We encourage study of DFP collections by both Duke and outside researchers and students through visits to collections, loans, and cast exchanges. In addition, we are actively making digital 3-D images of DFP specimens available for download and research through nike roshe run gs black white youths trainers JlRigQqLY

Collection Use Policies

Research Proposal Form – DFP

The Division of Fossil Primates also maintains an active field and laboratory research program. Ongoing field projects include work in the Eocene and Oligocene of the Fayum region of Egypt and collection of subfossil giant lemurs in the Pleistocene and Holocene of Madagascar. nike free run 50 v4 uk

The DFP employs 3-4 work study students each year to help with all aspects of collection management, curation, and research. We also welcome volunteers and encourage anyone who is interested to contact us to explore possibilities. Our contact information is below.

Division of Fossil Primates Duke University Lemur Center 1013 Broad Street Durham, North Carolina 27705 Phone – (919) 416-8420 Fax – (919) 416-8584

Staff Specialist: Catherine Riddle

Donations play a huge part in the curation and preservation of our fossil specimens and in field expeditions ofour Department. If you wish to make a donation, please click the button below or feel free to contact our office directly. We would love to hear from you!

A special thanks to the following for their generous support:

Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation Trish Kohler Ben Freed

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A tribute to Gregg Gunnell, Director of the Division of Fossil Primates from 2011-2017 September 25, 2017 Duke Today

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An interview with DFP Director Gregg Gunnell, why natural history collections are vital for research, and the use of MorphoSource to make DFP’s fossil collections more widely available June 30, 2017 Research Features Magazine

Elwyn Simons: Opening windows into Madagascar’s Past The career of Elwyn Simons, founder of the Division of Fossil Primates June 19, 2017 Evolutionary Anthropology

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, or digital media

1901 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-686-5431

Wed., Apr. 18 Mon., May. 28 Wed., Jul. 4 Mon., Sep. 3 Mon., Oct. 8

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1901 Vine Street, Room 214 Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-686-5431

Room 214

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Microfilm Collection and Finding Aids

The Newspapers Microfilm Center is our region’s largest collection of newspapers from the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Over 400 newspapersdating back to 1720 are on microfilm . Our collection includes newspapers from major cities around the world, local community papers, as well as microfilmed versions of academic, underground, and trade periodicals collected by the subject departments. Students and the curious should begin their research process by inquiring within the Social Science History Department.

Major Holdings of the Newspapers and Microfilm Center

Newspapers published by selected ethnic, racial, religious, or other communities

Underground Newspapers

Databases: Electronic Access to Newspapers

Newspapers 1978 - present

In the late 1970s, newsrooms accelerated their use of computers to produce their publications. These "born digital" articles were the easiest for publishers to make accessible digitally. As a general rule accessing information published in newspapers in the 1980s and beyond is the simpler than for prior decades. The Free Library subscribes to several full text databases to assist researchers in easily accessing news normally behind paywalls in the computer era:

Access World News News sources world wide, but the most important local sources are the Inquirer and Daily News:

TDNet is the tool for researchers to use to determine which databases provide electronic access to periodicals. Search a newspaper (or magazine) by title, and TDNet will tell you which database(s) to which we subscribe provide full text. TDNet is an imperfect tool, if something seems missing consult with a librarian for assistance.

Have you ever wondered what causes cannabis tolerance? This study explains everything. The good news? It doesn’t take long for recovery to begin.

Have you ever wondered why you have to consume larger and larger quantities of cannabis to feel the effects? Recent research has the answer, and it also has some good news. Cannabis tolerance is, unfortunately, a real thing. However, a 2016 study suggests that the body begins to recover from tolerance within just a couple days after abstaining.

Almost every cannabis consumer has experienced this situation: you start off with a small hit of cannabis, and a week later you realize that you need to consume more of it to feel the effects.

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to cannabis quite quickly, meaning that consumers become desensitized to the overall effects of the herb over a short period of time.

Interestingly, certain areas of the body develop tolerance more rapidly than others. The colon, for example. One 2009 rodent study found that some functions in the nike free virtuous fleece white long sleeve
seem to be particularly resistant to tolerance.

In this case,cannabis seemed to slow down the passage of food from the stomach to the small intestine, regardless of other signs of tolerance.

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published early last year [2016] in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging. explains why cannabis tolerance happens.

The cannabis plant has psychoactive potential because of special chemicals it creates, called phytocannabinoids. These organic chemicals directly engage with special cell receptors in the body, called cannabinoid receptors.

In the brain, the most abundant cannabinoid receptor is the CB1 receptor. The primary psychoactive in the herb, womens nike suede blazer mid vintage sneakers with wings
, engages this receptor.

While the exact ways THC affects the brain are unknown, it is known that the cannabinoid interacts with the brain in areas that control the following and more:

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hasfound that chronic THC treatment decreases the amount of CB1 receptors expressed in a cell. In the science world, this is called downregulation.

Cells will either upregulate or downregulate various receptors depending on the internal environment of the body. In the case of THC, the downregulation of CB1 receptors leads to tolerance.

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